Special Leadership Announcement from the Board of Directors

Special Leadership Announcement from the Board of Directors

May 3, 2024

The recent Appreciation Dinner at HHCC was indeed a time of reflection and thanksgiving. God has been kind and gracious to us, and for that we give him praise. The camp board met earlier in the afternoon that day, and that meeting too was filled with gratitude for what God has done, and enthusiasm for what we believe He is going to continue to do.

We have been aware that after nearly 30 years of service as our Executive Director, Matt Phelan is ready to retire from the heavy burden of that role. As the board was working through the details of the transition, it became clear that we had the opportunity to make some adjustments that would enable the continual growth of camp.

As of May 1, the responsibility of executive leadership no longer rests on a singular individual. Those responsibilities have been divided into two Managing Director positions. We are pleased to announce that Kevin King has been promoted to the role of Managing Director of Ministries and Constituent Relations. Matt Phelan has agreed to continue his service to camp as the Interim Managing Director of Operations and Administration. As the word Interim indicates, Matt still plans to retire, and we are actively looking for an individual to fill that role permanently. The board also established an Advisory Committee comprised of four current board members to help facilitate this new organizational structure.

It has been a joy to see the board stand together in great unity and confidence in this new structure. Similarly, the resident staff has expressed their understanding and support of this new direction. Please pray for us as we prepare to launch into the summer season of camping. Our desire is that the Lord continues to use HHCC in a mighty way for HiS glory.

We continue to praise God for what He has done FOR us….and should His Son not return, we are filled with excitement to see what He is going to do here at Camp in the days ahead.

On behalf of HHCC,
Jon Glock, Chairman of the Board