What You Need to Know

To access the summer camp schedule and age ranges for both overnight and day camps, please use this link https://www.hortonhaven.org/schedule. You will also find the fees and general information when you scroll down on that page.

You may register your child online at https://www.hortonhaven.org/register to get started.  On-line is the preferred method of registering; however, there is a mail-in registration form that may be downloaded. Download Mail-in Registration Form.

Registration begins at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday.  A health check will be conducted at this time.    An email will be sent out Monday of your child’s week of camp to let you know departure details.  There will not be a meal on Friday evening, but there will be closing ceremonies. (Your child must be picked up Friday by 7:00 p.m.  A late fee of $10.00 will be charged after that time.)

Sleeping bag or sheets and blanket, pillow, comfortable clothes, 2 pairs of tennis shoes, flip flops, 2 to 3 towels, light jacket, flashlight, insect repellant, sunscreen, refillable water bottle, Bible, notebook, pencil, swimsuit (one-piece only), and toiletries. Download the full What to Bring Checklist.

Junior campers must have their snack bar money applied to their account prior to check-in.  Teens may keep their money with them.  We suggest $3.00 per day for junior campers and $5 a day for teens for snacks. We will also have available for purchase sweatshirts, gym shorts, stuffed animals, and novelty items. Remember, you may log into your child’s account at anytime to add money to their account. You can check daily during camp to see what they are spending.  A quick link to access your account is http://cwngui.campwise.com/Customer/horton/browser-check-reg.html 

Each cabin houses 12 children with no more than 2 years age difference. There will be two cabin leaders in each cabin. There is a central bathhouse in the center of the campgrounds. Cabins are not air-conditioned. You may wish to send a clip-on fan and an extension cord with your child. However, cabins are usually quite comfortable at night due to an attic fan in the ceiling. 

Well-balanced meals are served in our air-conditioned dining hall. Horton Haven has a reputation for its excellent food. 

Your junior camper will choose several activity classes when they register to participate in during the week.  Some of these include handcraft, canoeing, horsemanship, archery/air rifles, cooking, camp craft, RC cars and more.  They will enjoy free swim every afternoon.  Other optional afternoon activities include canoeing, four-square, tetherball, basketball, crafts and climbing wall.  Teens will enjoy things such as canoeing, rappelling, high ropes adventure, climbing wall, hiking, team building activities, challenge course, and night games to name a few.  

You may email your child by logging into your account, scroll down to the one-way communication box and click the email tab. You may write to or send your child a package while at camp as follows:

Mailing Address:
Horton Haven Christian Camp
P.O. Box 276
Chapel Hill, TN 37034 

UPS or FedEx Address:
Horton Haven Christian Camp
3636 Reed Harris Rd.
Lewisburg, TN 37091

General conduct should adhere to sound Christian moral principles.  No profanity or vulgarity is allowed.  No cell phones, radio/CD/MP3/IPOD players, TV’s, hand-held video games or skateboards are permitted. No fireworks or firearms are allowed. The possession and/or use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, intoxicants or drugs of any kind are prohibited. Bullying will not be tolerated!   Directors may expel any camper for reasons of misconduct. 

All dress should be casual but modest. No shirts with inappropriate words or designs. Shoes must be worn at all times.


  •  No short shorts (shorts must be at fingertips with hands at the side)
  •  No spaghetti strap tops
  •  No tight-fitting tops 
  •  No visible undergarments
  •  No two-piece bathing suits (a modest one-piece only or tankini that covers stomach)


  •  No sagging pants or pants worn below the hips
  •  Shirts must be worn at all times except when at the pool
  •  No cut-off shorts

Horton Haven staff reserves the right to ask any camper to change their clothing if it is deemed inappropriate.

Please make sure all your child’s clothing and personal items have their name on them. Clothing and personal articles are the responsibility of the camper. No liability is assumed for items left on the premises. CHECK THE LOST AND FOUND AREA ON THE DINING HALL PORCH FOR ANY ITEMS THAT MAY BELONG TO YOUR CHILD BEFORE YOU LEAVE FRIDAY!

Items not claimed within two weeks of the end of your child’s camp session will be given to GoodwillYou must pick up any items that have been found.

Please do not call your child at camp or ask them to call home except in the case of an emergency, as this ties up the business line. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. 

Horton Haven Christian Camp is located an hour south of Nashville, two miles off Highway 31-A.  We are back behind the Henry Horton State Park.

From Nashville-Take I-65S to exit 46.  Turn left on to Hwy. 99, go three miles and turn right to Hwy 431.  Go about ½ mile and turn left back on Hwy. 99.  Go eight miles and you will dead end into Hwy. 31-A.  Turn right, and then just past the State Park turn left on Warner Rd. Go one mile and turn left on Reed Harris Rd.  Follow the signs to the campground entrance.  

From Murfreesboro-Take Hwy. 99 to Eagleville where it dead ends into 41-A.  Turn left and go ½ mile and turn right onto Hwy. 99 again.  (There will be a Phillips 66 station on the corner).  This will take you to Hwy. 31-A.  Turn left and go through Chapel Hill and then follow directions as above. Or, take I-24 W to I-840 (Franklin exit). Take 840 to exit 42 (Lewisburg/Chapel Hill). Turn left on 31-A and follow 31-A into Chapel Hill then follow directions as above.